THE LIGHTHOUSE INN - St.Brides, Wentlooge, Newport 01633 680800
All served with crispy side salad and one choice of dipping sauce from our selection;
Prawn Cocktail;
North Atlantic Prawns In A Creamy Seafood Sauce Served On A Bed Of Fresh Crispy Lettuce With A Sprinkle Of Paprika And A Wedge Of Lemon £3.95
Hot Peppers Stuffed With Creamed Feta;
Crunchy Spicy Red Peppers Stuffed With Cooling Creamed Feta Cheese £3.95
Crispy Garlic Mushrooms;
Cross cut slices of large flat mushrooms fully cooked in seasoned crispy breadcrumbs. Serve on a bed of salad with a choice of dipping sauce. £3.95
Breaded Jalapeno Peppers;
Green Jalapeno Peppers Stuffed With Cream Cheese And Coated In Breadcrumbs £3.95
Baby Camembert Rounds;
Full fat Camembert rounds encapsulated in in light crispy batter served on a bed of crispy salad with rich cranberry sauce. £3.95
Lighthouse rocks Sharer Platter; £9.95
An assortment of tasty treats from our starter menu accompanied by a fresh crispy salad and choice of three dipping sauces.
*crispy garlic mushrooms  *breaded jalapeno peppers  *garlic bread
*battered onion rings  *baby camembert rounds
Step 1.………..Choose Your Steak Or Fish;
All Our Steaks Are 21Day Aged For Extra Flavour And Tenderness
6oz Welsh Beef Fillet Steak £15.95
10oz Welsh Beef Fillet Steak £21.95
8oz Welsh Beef Rib Eye Fillet £12.95
12oz Welsh Beef Rib Eye Fillet £17.95
7oz Salmon Fillet £11.95
Surf &Turf-Add 2 Large Crevettes To Any
Of The Options Above Add £4.00
STEP 2.………..Choose Any 2 Items;
*Rustic Chips  *Spicy Potato Wedges  *Jacket Potato
*Side Salad  *Garlic Bread  *Sauteed Mushrooms 
*Battered Onion Rings  *Crispy Garlic Mushrooms 
*Breaded Green Jalapeno Peppers  *Caramelised Onions 
*Honey Roasted Peppers  *Baby Camembert Rounds
STEP 3.………..Now Choose 3 Sauces; 
*Peppercorn  *Sweet Onion  *Portuguese Style Piri Piri 
*Sweet Chilli  *Hot Chilli  *Tomato, Curry Spices & Piri Piri
*Horseradish  *Hp Guinness  *Tomato Ketchup  *Garlic Mayonnaise
*Creamy Mayonnaise  *Himalayan Hot Garlic  *Bourbon BBQ
*Smokey BBQ With Chilli  *Smokey BBQ with Roasted Onion
*Brown Daddies  *French Mustard  *English Mustard  *Tartare
*Reggae Reggae Sauces; *Fiery Guava  *Jerk BBQ  *Tomato 
Homemade Cheesecake;
"Mums" famous cheesecake made using luxury chocolate bars. Different every week, please ask for this weeks flavour  £3.95
Home Made Apple Pie;
Local sweet apples laced with Kingston Press cider, covered in light shortcrust pastry with a generous sprinkling of sugar  £3.50
Sticky Toffee Pudding;
A moist sponge cake covered in a delicious toffee sauce  £3.50
A Warm Belgian Sugar Waffle Topped With Ice Cream And Chocolate Sauce £3.50
Luxury Rum And Raisin Ice Cream Topped With Chocolate Sauce £2.95
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